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Northeast Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs
Outfit Ranch Contact
Connecticut Valley Bushwackers Manchester Sportsmen Club, CT Dave Heinig (Cayuse)
(203) 457-1031 Email or
(Milo Sierra) 860-508-2686
Congress of Rough Riders High Rock Shooting Association, Naugatuck, CT (Lou Graham) 860-589-6721 Email or
(Snake Eyes) 203-296 Email
Ledyard Sidewinders Ledyard Sportsman Club, Ledyard, CT Gene Shanahan (Yosemite Gene) 860-536-0887 Email or
Amy Stuchell (Appaloosa Amy) 860-303-4803 Email
Fairfield County Cowboys Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association, Monroe, CT Phil Chase 203-254-2261
Capitol City Vigilance Committee Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club, Augusta, ME Mark Lake (Bum Steer)
207-622-3029 Email
Blue Hill Regulators Blue Hill Rifle & Pistol Club, Blue Hill, ME Dan Koch (Dangerous Dan Dalton) 207-667-3586 Email
Big Pine Bounty Hunters Big Pine Gun Club, Willimantic, ME Rick Pellerin (Ripley Scrounger) 207-876-4928 Email
Hurricane Valley Rangers
Falmouth Rifle & Pistol Club, Falmouth, ME Leo Arseneault (Smokey Sue) 207-829-3092 Email
Beaver Creek Desperados
(Host - 2014 SASS Maine State Championships)
Sanford/Springvale Fish and Game Club, Berwick, ME Ron Garland (Rhino Jacks)
207-324-3117 Email or
Jim Shearer (Jimmy Reb) Email
Harvard Ghost Riders
(Host - 2014 SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships)
Harvard Sportsman's Club, Harvard, MA Bill Grimes (Double R Bar Kid) Email or
Bill Batty (Barrister Bill) 978-667-2219 Email
Danvers Desperados Danvers Fish and Game Club, Middleton, MA Cy Klopps (Jim Larkin), 978-667-2857 Email
Paul McNaughton (Pittsburg Mac), 781-599-1930 Email
Cape Cod Cowboys Monument Beach Sportsman's Club, Bourne, MA Jason Brooks (Curly Jay Brooks) 508-477-9771 Email
New Hampshire
Pemi Valley Peacemakers Pemi Valley Fish & Game Club, Holderness, NH Richard Chase (Bear Lee Tallable)Email
or Joe Morris (Dakota Joe) 603-620-5001 Email
White Mountain Regulators of NH
(Host - 2014 SASS NH State Championship)
Kinnicum Fish & Game Club, Candia, NH Steve Seguin (Capt. Morgan Rum) 603-772-5041 Email or
Ray Carter (Dead Head) 603-957-0377 Email
The Dalton Gang The Dalton Gang Shooting Club of NH LLC, Dalton, NH (Littleton Dalton & Nan Dalton) 603-444-6876 Email
North East Western Shooters (NEWS)
(Host - 2014 SASS New England Regional)
Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH Steve Seguin (Capt. Morgan Rum) 603-772-5041 Email
Country Pond Fish & Game Club Country Pond Fish & Game Club, Newton, NH John Carr (Piney Woods) (603) 659-2096 Email or
Dan George (Wild Bill Blackerby) 603-895-9554 Email
Bar-G Wranglers Grafton County F & G Association, W Lebanon, NH Russell Edwards (Chelsea Kid) 603-863-0892 Email
New York
Circle K Regulators
(Host - 2014 SASS NY State Championships and
2014 SASS NY State Wild Bunch Championships)
Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club, Ballston Spa, NY (Smokehouse Dan) 518-885-3758 or
Debbie Myers (Annabelle Bransford) 518-877-7834 Email
Bar-20 Inc Eatonbrook Rod & Gun Club, West Eaton, NY Badlands Buck 315-637-3492
East End Regulators Pine Barrens Range, Westhampton Beach, NY (Diamond Rio) 631-585-1936 Email
The Shadow Riders Pine Barrens Range, Westhampton Beach, NY (Deacon Henry) 631-848-4357 Email or
Dusty Levis 646-284-4010
The Hole in the Wall Gang Calverton, NY John H Bogan (Doc Bogan) 631-598-1989 Email or
(Patchogue Mike) 631-289-8749 Email
Boot Hill Regulators Monroe Chester Sportsmen Club, Chester, NY Mark Dorfman (Judge Zaney Grey) 845-352-7921 Email
D Bar D Wranglers Dutchess County Pistol Association, Wappingers Falls, NY Capt M.A.F. 845-226-8611
Pathfinder Pistoleros Pathfinder Fish & Game Club, Fulton, NY Gerald Reitz (Sonny) 315-695-7032 Email
Diamond-Four Land of the Seneca ML Club, Odessa, NY Burt Schooner (Kayutah Kid) 607-796-0573
The Long Riders Shortsville Rod & Gun Club, Shortsville, NY Loco Poco Lobo 585-467-4429 Email
Tioga County Cowboys Owego, NY (Dusty Drifter) 607-659-3819
Sackets Harbor Vigilantes Sackets Harbor, NY (Ranger Clayton Conagher) (585) 343-3906
Alabama Gunslingers Alabama, NY (Bum Thumb) 607-659-3819
Crumhorn Mountain Cowboys Maryland, NY (Lefty Cooper) 607-287-9261
Salt Port Vigilance Committee Holley, NY (Twelve Bore) 585-613-8046
Mythical Rough Riders Hamburg, NY (Rev Dave Clayton) 716-838-4286
Rhode Island
Lincoln County Lawmen Pine Tree Gun Club
Foster, RI
Pete Carlson (One-Ear Pete) 401-647-3049 Email or
(Wyoming Blink) 401-385-9907
Verdant Mountain Vigilantes
(Host - 2014 SASS VT State Championships)
Caledonia Forest and Stream Club, St. Johnsbury, VT Andy Squires (Doc McCoy)
802-434-2533 Email

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                     Northeast CAS map


    What's Been Happening in the Northeast:


  • Results of current and former New England shooters at 2014 SASS National Championships 'Winter Range' in Phoenix, AZ:

    Wild Bunch Lady Modern National Champion - Half-A-Hand Henri

    Ladies Gunfighter Champion - Half-A-Hand Henri
    10th Lady Gunfighter - Lou Graham

    Duelist Champion - Grazer
    3rd Duelist - Sixgun Schwaby
    5th Duelist - Hawkeye Kid

    Frontiersman Champion - Kidd Thunder

    6th Silver Senior - Two Rig A Tony

    7th Ladies Duelist - Nanny Oakley

    7th Cattle Baron - Dirty Dan

    7th Grande Dame - Bonnie Dee

    8th Senior Gunfighter - Dead Head

    9th Classic Cowboy - Turquoise Bill

    10th Senior Duelist - CC Lakota

  • The White Mountain Regulators of NH will be hosting the 2014 SASS NH State Championships in Candia, NH on September 26-28th. Side Events on Friday.

  • The Danvers Desperados CAS shoot on Oct. 19th has been cancelled due to a conflict.

  • The Connecticut Valley Bushwackers have found a home at the Manchester Sportsmen Club in Manchester, CT and will be hosting two CAS shoots this fall on Saturday, Sept. 28th and Saturday, October 12th.

  • Range Operations Basic Safety Course: Preacher Ben Pray'n and Barrister Bill will be conducting an RO I course on Saturday, October 26th at the Monument Beach Sportsman's Club, (the home of the Cape Cod Cowboys).

    RO I is the Range Operations Basic Safety Course. Fee for the course is $5.00. The course will begin at 11 am and run for approximately 4-5 hours. SASS members will be awarded a yellow SASS pin as evidence of satisfactory course completion.

    SASS highly recommends shooters take a refresher course. If you have taken the course more than two years ago, this is a great opportunity for that refresher course. Shooters completing the refresher course will receive a chevron with the year the refresher course was taken. As a refresher course no fee is required to take the course.

    Mark your calendars! Reserve early, as space is limited. Any questions, just ask! Please contact: Preacher Ben Pray'n at Heath53@cox.net or call 401-651-5827

  • Results of The Danvers Desperados CAS Shoot on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at the Danvers Fish and Game Club, Middleton, MA and the Harvard Ghost Riders CAS Shoot on Sunday, August 18th at the Harvard Sportsman's Club, Harvard, MA.

  • The Harvard Ghost Riders will be hosting a Cowboy Action Shooting Demonstration and Clinic on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at the Harvard Sportsman's Club, Harvard, MA. See flyer for details.

  • Results of New England shooters at 2013 SASS World Championships 'End of Trail' :

    Ladies 'Wild Bunch Modern' National Champion: Half-A-Hand Henri
    1st Wrangler: James Samuel Pike (5th Overall)
    2nd Duelist: Grazer
    2nd Lady Wrangler: Hand-A-Hand Henri
    3rd Lady 49er: Stormy Shooter
    9th Lady 49er: Hawley McCoy
    10th Lady 49er: Annabelle Bransford
    4th Elder Statesman: Rowdy Bill
    5th Frontiersman: Kidd Thunder
    5th Silver Senior: Marshal Freeman
  • New shoot in New York: The Crumhorn Mountain Cowboys is a new CAS club in Maryland NY near Cooperstown that is having a great three day shoot on June 28-30, 2013. The cost is $100.00 and includes side matches and all meals Friday PM thru Sun AM! The contact is Lefty Cooper at 607-287-9261.
  • Change in Schedule! The 2013 SASS NH State Championships will be conducted Sept. 27-29, 2013 by the White Mountain Regulators of NH at the Kinnicum Fish & Game Club in Candia, NH instead of by the Pemi Valley Peacemakers in Holderness, NH on July 12-14, 2013. The PVP will still host a shoot in July, but the SASS NH State Championships will be in Candia in late September.
  • Results of New England shooters at 2013 SASS National Championships 'Winter Range' :

    Ladies National Champion: Stormy Shooter
    1st Ladies 49er: Stormy Shooter
    1st Ladies Frontier Cartridge: Half-A-Hand Henri
    1st Duelist: Grazer
    4th Frontiersman: Kidd Thunder
    4th Duelist: Hawkeye Kid
    4th Ladies Frontier Cartridge: Boston Lady
    4th Grande Dame: Bonnie Dee
    5th Classic Cowboy: Turquoise Bill
    6th Lady Wrangler: Renegade Roper
    6th Cattle Baron: Dirty Dan
    7th Senior Gunfighter: Dead Head
    7th Senior Duelist: Bear Lee Tallable
    8th Lady Gunfighter: Lou Graham
  • There will be a SASS RO I Course conducted by Barrister Bill and Preacher Ben Pray'n at the Harvard Sportsman's Club in Harvard, MA on Sunday, March 10, 2013 from 1-5 pm. The price is $10 and advance registration is required.
  • 2013 New England CAS Championships schedule:

    SASS VT State Championships, Saint Johnsbury, VT, May 24-26, 2013 Info
    SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships, Harvard, MA, May 31-June 2, 2013 Info
    SASS New England Regional, Pelham, NH, July 25-28, 2013 Info
    SASS ME State Championships, Berwick, ME September 6-8, 2013 Info
    SASS NY State Championships, Ballston Spa, NY, September 13-15, 2013 Info
    SASS NH State Championships, Candia, NH, Sept. 27-29, 2013 Info

  • 2012 New England CAS Championships entry forms are up and ready for you to enter them:

    SASS VT State Championships, Saint Johnsbury, VT, May 25-27, 2012 Info
    SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships, Harvard, MA, June 1-3, 2012 Info
    SASS NH State Championships, Candia, NH, June 29-July 1, 2012 Info
    SASS New England Regional, Pelham, NH, July 26-29, 2012 Info
    SASS ME State Championships, Berwick, ME September 7-9, 2012 Info
    SASS NY State Championships, Ballston Spa, NY, September 14-16, 2012. Entry forms will be mailed about April 16, 2012 to those on their mailing list. To get on that list email Annabelle Bransford. This one fills up in a few days once the forms are sent so make sure you are on the list if you want to get the entry form.

  • Results of current and former New England shooters at the 2012 'Winter Range' SASS National Championships held in Phoenix, AZ:
    Ladies Wild Bunch Modern National Champion - Half-A-Hand Henri
    Classic Cowgirl National Champion - Half-A-Hand Henri
    Duelist National Champion - Grazer
    Frontiersman- 2nd Kidd Thunder (forgot cap his revolvers on one stage), 8th Diamond Rustler
    Ladies Gunfighter - 4th Lou Graham
    Ladies Frontier Cartridge - 7th Boston Lady
    Duelist - 6th Hawkeye Kid
    Ladies Duelist - 8th Nanny Oakley
    Cowgirl - 7th Crystal Creek Chris
    Senior Duelist - 5th Bear Lee Tallable, 8th CC Lakota
    Ladies Senior - 9th Avocatessa
    Grande Dame - 9th Bonnie Dee, 10th Crackshot Bev
  • Results from the SASS Northeast Regional 'Mason-Dixon Stampede' held September 30-October 2, 2011 in Thurmont, MD.

    Some New England shooter results:

    Overall Top Female - Appaloosa Amy
    1st Young Gun Girl - Snazzy McGee
    1st Frontier Cartridge Duelist - Gentleman Doc
    1st Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter - Dead Head
    1st Ladies Frontier Cartridge - Boston Lady
    2nd Wrangler - James Samuel Pike
    3rd Wrangler - Quaker Hill Bill
    2nd Ladies B-Western - Birdie Cage
    3rd Cowgirl - Crystal Creek Chris
    3rd Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter - Wylie Harp
    4th Senior Duelist - Bear Lee Tallable

  • Results from the SASS New England Regional 'The Great Nor'easter' held July 21-24 in Pelham, NH are up.
  • James Samuel Pike (CT) won the SASS Wrangler World Championship for the second year in a row at the 2011 SASS World Championship 'End of Trail' in June. Former New England shooters Half-A-Hand Henri won SASS Ladies Classic Cowgirl and Stormy Shooter won SASS Ladies 49er.
  • Results from these local state championships:

    SASS VT State Championships "Green Mountain Mayhem"
    SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships "Shootout at Sawyer Flats"
    SASS NH State Championships "Fracas at Pemi Gulch"

  • Heather Kresser, aka Half-A-Hand Henri, SASS# 9727 of Magdalena, NM (formerly of Vermont) took home the World Champion Wild Bunch Ladies Modern title this year at End of Trail. A proven winner and competitor in Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action Shooting, Half-A-Hand Henri beat out the competition by a staggering 172 rank points in the World Championship of Wild Bunch Action Shooting. She also later in the week went on to claim an additional trophy as the World Champion Classic Cowgirl in the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. The 3rd annual World Championship of Wild Bunch Action Shooting´┐Ż was held in conjunction with the 30th World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS Mounted Shooting at Founders Ranch in Edgewood, NM.

                      Barrister Bill looking at the .45 Colt bullet that didn't make it out of the barrel.
                       "Barrister Bill" looking at the .45 Colt bullet that didn't quite make it out of his barrel.


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